True beauty comes from within...

True beauty comes from within...



You arrive at the studio and meet your professional make-up and hair artist. We go through your wardrobe and pick out the best outfits for the session; sip a beverage of your choice and nibble on chocolates.

Your photo shoot may begin in your favorite outfits (gowns, cocktail dresses, a favorite blouse and jeans) and fabric. Have pure glamorous will dance, twirl, and laugh as your beauty shines through.

Then slip into something racy, lacy, black, red, pink, or animal print for a lingerie shoot. You will embrace your body and all of your beauty.

This is a safe, private environment and you will be coached throughout the entire process. Please let me know if you have something special in mind. I will do my best to accommodate your favorite style (i.e. hollywood glamour, pin-up, vintage, centerfold, modern fine art composites).

You will be transformed, captured, and preserved beautifully in a photograph.




Choosing outfits can be a bit stressful, but the most important thing to remember is to make sure you choose outfits that make you feel good, but at the same time are comfortable. I recommend bringing at least 3-6 outfits to help customize your shoot  Even if you are choosing just one outfit/look.  Please make sure they are pressed and wrinkle free.  I will send you a Lingerie Guide. 

Try not to bring in lots of one color...all of the primary colors photograph beautifully, in fact whatever suits YOU will photograph well. I like wearing clothing that makes me feel happy.

Fitted, no matter your body type, will be more flattering than loose clothing.

For lingerie shoots some ideas include corsets, bra-panty sets, costumes, pin-up clothing, stockings, heels, his shirt or hobby prop. Ask me about the time a client brought a kayak!

Accessorize your looks with necklaces, earrings, scarves, hats, gloves, masks.

I have several things on hand for you to wear as well--and that wardrobe is ever growing.

Are you flirty, serious, fun, classic, casual, contemporary, glamorous, funky, modern? What do you want to convey?

I will send you a free Lingerie Guide when you book your appointment.  This will help you make informed decisions for your attire!

Some of my favorites places (locally or on the website for lingerie or pin-up):

Jane's Vanity

Lille Boutique

Just Like a Woman

Unique Vintage

Victoria's Secret

Pin-up Girl Clothing

And you can find some really good bargains at Ross or TJ Max.  I have some wardrobe options as well. 


Drink up to 8 glasses of water a day to hydrate your skin, hydrated skin will make a world of difference to your skin’s appearance by making it appear softer, glowing and more youthful.

Make sure you’re doing a full body moisturizing daily and don’t forget to moisturize your lips as well.

Have a facial a week prior to your shoot, so your skin is in perfect condition for your session.

Do have your eyebrows and other waxing done so there is time for your skin to calm down.

If you’re planning on getting a haircut or coloring, again a week or two in advance is best.

Try on all your outfits with any accessories to make sure you love the look and feel of them.

If you tan, have your last session a week prior to your boudoir session so it has time to settle, you don’t want unnatural skins tones to mess with your images. I do not recommend fake tanning cream (think orange blotches..) - extra editing charges may apply.


Have that mani and pedi to make sure that your nails are perfect.

Choose a nail color that works beautifully with your outfits and fits with the mood you want to portray in your session. Bring your nail polish with you just in case.

Gather all your outfits, accessories and shoes together. Keeping the items together that you want for each look will help you feel prepared and at ease.

Make sure to be well rested, you’ll feel less nervous and be more confident. And remember, your poses will be carefully guided

And, don't worry about nerves...every woman leaves my studio with laughter in her heart.


Can I do a boudoir-like session with my favorite clothing?

You bet!  Your favorite jeans, a cocktail dress, comfy sweater, classic outfits....whatever suits your fancy.  You receive the same pampered session and a fashion - beauty inspired photoshoot.  Your images will be beautiful and perfect for social media, wall portraits, albums, or box of images.

Can I bring my significant other or a friend?

We are an all-female staffed studio and the only people present are the photographer and sometimes the make-up artist.  We recommend you come alone for the best experience, as the best photos come from the one-on-one with your photographer.  

Are age and/or size an issue?

Curves are beautiful and we love to celebrate them.  You will be coached in the most flattering poses and you will feel at ease and beautiful.  Women of all ages, sizes, types, are encouraged to have this "at least once-in-a-lifetime" experience.  Its all about confidence and being will love it!

How long will it take for my images to be completed?

We are now doing same day viewing, which are carefully chosen and slightly edited. Once you make your selections, each image is carefully retouched and airbrushed to magazine quality.  Albums can take up to about 3 weeks to be received, so its best to schedule far enough in advance if your product is a gift.  

Will my images be published on your website?

We respect the privacy of all our clients and only share them with your explicit written consent.  You will be giving a privacy policy to read and sign once you come in for your session.  Its totally up to you.  

What if I don't want the make-up and hair session?

While we don't "force" you to have this done, its highly recommended.  Regular make-up applications are not the same as photographic applications.  You will look and feel your very best in the final images.  Besides, its REALLY fun to have this experience and see the amazing transformation.  


Have another question?  Just drop me an email.   We will also send you a Lingerie Guide and Packing Checklist as well as a Questionnaire so I can get to know you better.