Dawn Kowalewski, Photographer

I approach photography as an art, treating the client and subject like pieces for a sculptural collage. Every client has a different vision and I am meticulous about bringing each one to life.

My career as a photographer began in 2009.  My sister-in-law ‘Isa’ handed me a camera on the day of her wedding and asked me to take pictures.  Now, I wouldn’t recommend anyone do this…the odds of your precious wedding photos turning out awful are pretty high.  But, Isa lucked-out and the images were amazing.  I was hooked and couldn’t be stopped.  I found my true calling, my true love….photography.

I ventured into shooting all kinds of genres weddings, events, families, newborns…  I joined a local professional photography association (OPPA) to acquire expert skills, education, enter (and win) print competitions, and proudly served on the board of directors for three years.

It took a while to narrow down what I truly loved to do.  Boudoir-Beauty and Fine Art.  I am a firm believer that you must do what makes you happiest and you will excel at it.  I am excellent at finding that photographic connection with you and taking the most beautiful images of you, ever.  My goal is create art.  Your art.  

As for my fine art, well, that is really picking up steam…(hence the new website…with me, my name.  I love it…its clean and modern.)  Anyway, I sold 24 fine art prints in November 2015.  It has been a wonderful surprise.  I offer them for sale on this website.  Not all prints are listed in the Buy section due to limited space, but any can be purchased that you see.  Plus, you are not restricted to the one size or type offered….Metal Prints too, are beautiful and amazing…

I am a bit of a rebel, positive, fun-loving, super creative, and ultimately happy.  I would love to get to know you.

Let’s see where 2016 takes us….new portrait ideas are swirling in my head.

Warmly, Dawn Kowalewski





My all female Home Studio is located in Milwaukie, Oregon by appointment only.   Separate entrance for privacy, hair & make-up station, private restroom, several shooting areas with natural and available lighting for variety and beauty. 

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 24-105mm 4.0

Canon 85 mm 1.8

Canon 50 mm 1.4

Lensbaby Velvet 58 mm

Alien Bees, LED constant, and Natural Light

iMac 27" Computer for gorgeous photo editing with Photoshop and Lightroom