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Dawn Kowalewski


Photographer and Vegan Food Fancier


Portland, Oregon

Tel. +1 503 419 8726
E.  info@dawnkphoto.com

I am a photographer and vegan food fancier!  The last 8 years of photographing people, places, and things has been a wild ride and an incredible learning experience.  I am still so in awe over it.

What I did:  on day one, I shot a wedding.  Shot a few more.  Added in some families, portraits, high school senior pictures, and finally Boudoir/Glamour/Beauty. The latter was my favorite and I excelled at making beautiful photographs of women.  

What I do:  I photograph food in both fine art and recipes in my own home; and I love to review vegan restaurants on Instagram (#sassypantsvegan).  My love for travel has given me the best opportunities for photographing art and street/documentary-type imagery. 

What I am going to do:  The plan for 2018 is to take things back, simplify, create beautiful art, and explore different techniques and processes.  And build a new beautiful portfolio. Photograph more animals and nature with a more intimate, personal and creative touch. What it comes down to is shooting what I love, what I want, when I want.  It will be an even more happier experience.   Life without risk, experimentation, and even failure is not a real life.  Thus, this is my journey as a creative.

I am a bit of a rebel, positive, fun-loving, super creative, and ultimately happy.  I love that you are here looking at my art.  Should you want to buy any print or commissioned work please contact me.  Available for shows on the walls of your business.